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The congregation at St Mark's


Dear Lord,

We thank you for your kindness to us in blessing us with the church at St Mark's. Thank you for sustaining us over the years, for the people who have come to know Jesus through ministry here, and for the way you have grown your people here in love for the Lord Jesus and each other. We continue to pray that St Mark's will be a church that brings you glory, by continuing to keep our Eyes Up on Jesus, loving and serving one another through Rich Relationships, and Walking Together as we run the race set before us. 


We ask Lord for your continued financial provision. Please give us all that we need so that we can pay our staff, grow our ministries, and be generous to others.


We pray for those who haven't been able to meet with us in a while- please open the way to bring them back to us. We bring before you those who are sick and suffering, and for those who mourn. Please give them healing and comfort. Help us all to grow in our reliance on you for everything, for the sake of Your Kingdom we pray,


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