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The Persecuted Church


Gracious Heavenly Father, we lift up our brothers and sisters who face persecution for their faith. In their suffering, we pray that the light of the Gospel would shine brightly, reaching the darkest corners and transforming hearts with the message of salvation.


Lord, grant boldness and clarity to these faithful Christians as they share their unwavering faith in the midst of persecution. Fill them with Your Holy Spirit, that their words may be empowered by Your truth and love. Strengthen them to stand firm in their convictions, undeterred by opposition, and unafraid to proclaim Your name. Grant them the courage to endure, knowing that their ultimate reward awaits them in Your eternal Kingdom. 


​Lord, we pray for a powerful work of Your Spirit in the hearts of those who persecute Your people. Soften their hearts, open their eyes to the truth, and bring about transformation and salvation even amidst hostility. May the testimonies and unwavering faith of these persecuted Christians serve as a witness that leads many to find salvation in Jesus Christ.


In the name of Jesus, our Saviour and Redeemer, we lift up this prayer.  


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