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Weekly Prayers

April 2023

31 March

Easter Experience

-Praise God for his salvation from sins offered freely to us through Jesus' death and resurrection

- Thanks to God for the opportunity to hold an outreach event for Easter

- Pray that members of the community would come, that the Spirit would prepare their hearts to hear the gospel.

- For the staff team as they prepare, and the event logistics

- For boldness among those congregation members who attend to speak to newcomers

- For gospel opportunities, and salvation for the lost

1st April 

A prayer of praise based on Psalm 33

Dear Heavenly father, We praise you, for you are upright; all your work is done in faithfulness. You love righteousness and justice; the Earth is filled with your steadfast love. By your word the heavens were made, you gathered the sea as a heap, you put the deeps in storehouses. You bring the counsels of the world to nothing, you frustrate the plans of the people. But your counsel Lord stands forever; blessed are those who belong to you! You look down from your throne in heaven- you have fashioned our hearts, you know our deeds. Salvation is found only in you- for those who fear you. We wait on you Lord. You are our help and our shield, you make glad the hearts of those who trust you. Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon your people forevermore. Through Jesus our Lord, Amen.

2nd April

Collect for Palm Sunday

Almighty and everlasting God, in tender love towards mankind
you sent your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, to take our nature
upon him and to suffer death on the cross, that all mankind should
follow the example of his great humility: grant that we may follow
the example of his suffering, and also be made partakers of his
resurrection; through him who lives and reigns with you and the
Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.

3rd April

Leaders of the world

Heavenly Father, We pray for the peoples of the world; their leaders; Charles our King; Anthony Albanese our Prime Minister, Dominic Perrottet our Premier, Ned Manoun our Mayor, and those who make and administer our laws; all who have responsibility; all men and women in their daily work. Give wisdom to those in authority in every land, and guide all peoples in the way of righteousness and peace, so that they may share with justice the resources of the earth, work together in trust, and seek the common good. Father, hear our prayer, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

4th April

The congregation at St Mark's

Dear Lord, We thankyou for your kindness to us in blessing us with the church at St Mark's. Thankyou for sustaining us over the years, for the people in our area who have come to know Jesus through ministry here, and for the way you have grown your people here in love for the Lord Jesus and each other. We continue to pray that St Mark's will be a church that brings you glory, by continuing to keep our Eyes Up on Jesus, loving and serving one another through Rich Relationships, and Walking Together as we run the race set before us.


Please Lord, bless our leaders and make them more like Jesus. We pray for those who haven't been able to meet with us in a while- please open the way to bring them back to us. We ask for those who are sick and suffering, please give them healing and comfort. Help us all to grow in our reliance on you for everything, and in all things please help us to be thankful.

Lastly Lord, we pray this week for our Easter services. Please help us to come together as your people, deeply thankful for your son's saving work on the cross. Please bring in people from our community who don't yet know you, and through your Spirit open their eyes to their need for salvation so that they'll repent and put their trust in King Jesus. 

In his name we pray, Amen

5th April

For our overseas missionaries, Josh, Nici, Ollie, Eva, Lilli and George

Please thank God:

  • For Josh's examiners recommending his degree be awarded.

  • For the kids' willingness to keep going to Indo church.

  • For support for the kids at school.

  • For great language tutors.

Please ask God:

  • For healing and protection from future sickness.

  • For growing relationships with Pak D and other neighbours.

  • For Josh to join the table-tennis community.

  • For encouragement and perseverance for the kids at school.

  • For energy and encouragement for Josh and Nic learning language.

  • For safety in travel.

6th April 

For the lost people of 2168

Merciful God, you have made all men and hate nothing that you have made, nor do you desire the death of a sinner but rather that he should be converted and live: have mercy on the people of 2168, and all who do not know you, or who deny the faith of Christ crucified. Take from them all ignorance, hardness of heart, and contempt of your word; and bring them home to your fold, blessed Lord, so that they may become one flock under one shepherd, Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

7th April

Good Friday

Jesus said: Now is the judgment of this world, now shall the ruler
of this world be cast out; and I, when I am lifted up from the earth,
will draw all men to myself. John 12.31

your Son, Jesus Christ, wrought our redemption by shedding his blood for us.
Watch over us always and keep us in your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

8th April

For Ans and the ministry of Unthombo Wempilo in South Africa

- Thank God for keeping us through times of hardship and the times we face challenges

- Thank God for the turn up of the Ladies when we invite them for fellowship

- Thank God for the interest the Ladies are showing in Bible study

- Thank God for the Ladies who gave birth safely as they came to Umthombo for assistance in prayer and in need

- Pray for Junior, one of the Ladies who gave birth prematurely and the baby was kept in hospital for some time and the mother has lost hope seeing that the baby was too small worried if she might not survive, she continued coming for prayers and counselling till now, let’s keep her in prayers.

-  Pray for the Ladies who want to come out of sex-work and find jobs.

- Pray for Michelle the Lady who gave birth and the baby passed on, pray that God heals and comfort her from her loss and give her strength to carry on with life.

- Pray also for those who came out of sex work ,not to be tempted to go back because of financial difficulties.

9th April

Easter Sunday

Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the Festival, not with the old bread leavened with malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. 1 Corinthians 5:7-8

Almighty God, you have conquered death through your dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ and opened to us the gate of everlasting life: grant us by your grace to set our mind on things above, so that by your continual help our whole life may be transformed; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit in everlasting glory. Amen. 



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