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9:30am, 5pm

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Free Sports, community time and BBQ

Every Friday, 4-6pm

Ron Darcy Oval, Miller


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7 July                         1 September

21 July                       15 September

4 August                    29 September

18 August                  13 October

1 September             27 October

                  10 November


Mobile Community Pantry

Anglicare’s Mobile Community Pantry and Mobile Community Pantry Fresh Food vans provide grocery or fresh food items at very low cost to help stretch your budget further. The Mobile Community Pantry is run in partnership with local churches and visits each location on a fortnightly basis.


Community members are welcome at each site. You can make a small contribution and fill a bag with items of your choice from the stock available.

  • $10 for groceries (EFTPOS available)  

DivorceCare is a safe place where caring people come alongside you as you find healing from the pain of separation or divorce. At this 13-week, video-based support group program, you’ll find helpful counsel to manage the emotional turmoil and practical tools for decision-making.

Each week, you’ll watch a 30-minute video filled with practical suggestions from counselors and other experts on divorce recovery. Plus you’ll hear from people who’ve experienced a marriage breakup and who share what’s helped them. Their insights will help you make wise decisions as you move forward.

Click here to learn more about DivorceCare.

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GriefShare is a support group for people grieving the death of a friend or family member. The group runs across 13 independent sessions, which involve a video seminar, group discussion, and personal study and reflection.

Find out more about GriefShare                   by                           .

The group will be run online and in person.

If you would like to be part of this group, or would like to know more,  please                   to join.