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St Mark's Prayer Diary


Thankyou for praying for our church. This page is updated once per term.  We would love it if you could be praying for the following people/ ministries:



Term 1 2024

Dave's prayer points for the church:

-Thank God for his provision last year and ask for his continued financial provision unity in the gospel, love for one another and godly leaders for ministries

For every member of our church to become ever clearer on and more thanksful for the gospel

- Moore College mission in April

- AGM- the election of godly wardens and parish councillors

- For Dave and Priya as they explore partnering with the AFES "Meet Jesus" mission


  • Give thanks for another year to serve Jesus and our community through playtime.

  • Pray for organising team will have God given energy, love, and patience each week for this ministry.

  • We are excited to have the intentional partnership of Christian mums and grandmums this year (2 new). Thank you God.

  • Pray kids will be safe in our care

  • We are hoping to run a meet Jesus bible study term 2. Pray for us as we seek to meaningfully connect and invite those who don't know Jesus.


  • Please pray for our classes at Busby, Miller, Ashcroft and Sadleir as they start back in term 1

  • For hearts that are open to hear the message of Jesus

  • For calm classrooms 

  • For strength, energy and resilience for our SRE teachers, and a reliance on God for all things

  • For more teachers, particularly to cover the class in Busby

Children and Youth Ministry:

  • God would raise up more leaders

  • God would sustain the current leaders

  • Prayer for Term 1 Youth Sleepover - that it would be a great time of fellowship as we kick the year together

  • Prayer for the Youth who during Term 1 will be thinking through what Christians believe and how that changes our lives. 

  • Pray for 4pm Kids as they adjust to going back to a weekly Kids Lane Program. Pray for great time in the Bible as we look at Galatians together. 

  • Prayer for 9:30am Kids who will be looking at big questions such as 'Can we trust the Bible?' (Answer: YES!) 'What can we do to be saved?' (TRUST Jesus who has done it all for you, there is nothing you can do!) and 'What does it mean to be children of God?')

Beejai's ministries:

  • That he would develop partnerships in the community, especially with upcoming changes in Term 1

  • For the Sorted men's group that meets on Mondays

  •  For the blokes he brings along to church and their families

Men's Ministry at St Mark's

  • For Men meeting the challenge to shape our priorities in light of eternity

  • For Christian men in the workplace or study to live distinctly Christian lives that honour Jesus

  • For Christian husbands and dads to love their families genuinely and sacrificially

  • For St. Mark's men to be committed to encouraging each other and others


Josh and Nici in South East Asia

Please thank the Father:

  • That we had visits from friends and family.

  • For Nic's opportunity to share the Christmas story in English class.

  • That Josh is feeling better. He really appreciates your prayers for energy and protection.

Please ask the Father:

  • That our new visa would come through in February and not be delayed by the elections.

  • For a peaceful transition of power and an election result that would help contribute to the growth of the Father's kingdom here (elections are on 14th Feb).

  • For protection and more opportunities for Nic's English teaching in local villages.

  • For ongoing protection from sickness.

  • For energy, understanding and progress in our language learning.


The Klouths in West Wyalong:

  • Pray that as a family we will be able to have greater engagement with people in our community, particularly with young families.


Frank Siage at Bunda Bible College

  • Thanks to God that Frank is able to study at Bunda Bible College, and that God would continue to bless him as he trains for gospel ministry

  • Thanks for Bunda Bible College as it's equipping pastors and lay leaders for  gospel ministry and community leadership 

  • For the students- Many of them are already leaders and evangelists in their home churches

  • That God would continue to bless Bunda Bible College- that they'd continue to train students in gospel ministry well, become financially stable in the long term, and complete building projects. ​

  • For the College to have its own website and reliable internet.

  • That God would continue to enable Anglican Aid to provide student scholarships.

Please also continue to be regularly praying for:

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